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Winter Is Here, White Chocolate Coconut (Whole Bean)


Image of Winter Is Here, White Chocolate Coconut (Whole Bean)

Available for pre-order, will ship April 8th

Winter Is Here

The first flakes began falling in Kings Landing, and we all felt the shiver of ominous foreboding. Winter is here. And all the hardships that come with it.

While you’re hiding from the Army Of The Dead and trying not to freeze, brew a cup of this decadent white chocolate with a hint of exotic coconut, because we all need to be reminded that winter will end. We hope!

Our coffee beans are always chosen with care to ensure they are the highest quality. Our flavoring is subtle so that it enhances the rich flavor of the bean. The result is as enticing as winter snow melting.

Most importantly, we adhere to the strict belief that freshness matters and all coffees are shipped within 24 hours of roasting.