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Fire & Ice Spiced Coffee (Whole Bean)


Image of Fire & Ice Spiced Coffee (Whole Bean)

***Available for Pre-order, will ship April 8th.

Who doesn’t love a quote that means so many things! Turns out, galavanting in a cave with a wildling isn’t the only thing our favorite bastard knows nothing about.

Fire meets ice and we can’t wait to wrap our hands around this cup of dragon fire. Spiced with cinnamon and balanced with ginger and cloves, as dreamy as those eyes, this coffee is rich and invigorating. Delicious and feisty, we think you’ll be ready to battle the Army Of The Dead with just a few cups.

Our coffee beans are always chosen with care to ensure they are the highest quality. Our flavoring is subtle so that it enhances the rich flavor of the bean. The result is as jolting as finding out your true lineage.

Most importantly, we adhere to the strict belief that freshness matters and all coffees are shipped within 24 hours of roasting. For ground coffee leave a note in the comment section.